Thank you all for the memories. 14.05.13

Beloved Reader,   I stood atop the cascading rocks at Castle Edinburgh a few days ago in Scotland, imagining the manpower that was laid within those stones and mortar, a whole village lending a helping hand to build a place to live and rule for the King. The majesty of it all was astounding, beautiful, […]

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“Skeleton Strings” Album available now 14.03.13

Darlings, If you have been following my Instagram and twitter, you’ve probably noticed the photos I have been posting about the progress of my new studio here at Hells Half Acre. We have been moving at a much faster pace than I had anticipated! In order to finish this and get some new music recorded […]

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Live in London Town DVD Trailer! 26.11.12

Check out the first preview of the Live In London Town DVD.

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