Tour tour tour tour 10.03.15

Ladies and gentlemen! The dates for the English tour surrounding the Whitby goth festival have been announced. Go check out You can see the dates on the TOUR link or, for VIP tickets hit the SHOP link. Or go directly to these ticket links below. VIP Tickets I love you and can’t […]

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We’re all going mad. 02.01.15

I walk through the insanity of this beautiful world that surrounds me and I fall madly in love with it, as if I have just arrived in a foreign place I’ve never travelled to. I’m in awe of its grandeur and the wondrous complexity it exudes, yet I’m still slightly terrified that I don’t know […]

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Thank you all for the memories. 14.05.13

Beloved Reader,   I stood atop the cascading rocks at Castle Edinburgh a few days ago in Scotland, imagining the manpower that was laid within those stones and mortar, a whole village lending a helping hand to build a place to live and rule for the King. The majesty of it all was astounding, beautiful, […]

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William Control