Live in London Town DVD Pre-Order Now Available! 26.11.12


I wanted to send a quick update to make all aware that because of cost reasons, I am limiting the number of Physical DVDs to 500 copies. With that information in your skull, the Live in London Town DVD pre orders are up on my merch page. Head over to:

Get yours before they are all gone! I am aiming to have this done towards the middle of December, so depending on your local post office and where you live on this planet some of you may get this before or after x-mas.

Also, tour is about to begin tomorrow in Cleveland, Ohio with the Birthday Massacre and Aesthetic Perfection! Check out the dates over at: and come dance with me!

All my love


Tracklisting for the DVD:

1. Prologue
2. New World Order
3. All Due Restraint
4. Kiss Me Judas
5. My Lady Dominate
6. The Velvet Warms and Binds
7. Deathclub
8. Disconnecting
9. Beautiful Loser
10. Strangers
11. Hate Culture
12. Tranquilize
13. Cemetery
14. Don’t Cry For Me
15. Damned
16. The Whipping Haus
17. Razors Edge
18. London Town
19. Perfect Servant
20. I’m Only Human Sometimes

-Bonus Track-
Speak to me of Abduction

William Control