Live In London 26.11.12


Hello Darlings,

Traveling back and forth from the new world into the old is quite strange. Although our two countries share a lot of similarities, life couldn’t be much different. Leaving the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles California and stepping out of the jet way at London Heathrow, you can feel the world beneath your feet shift and change. The sky is distressed and withered, the accents, the food and the air. They are all foreign. They are all unique to my American senses. It must be the history that draws me to England. The works of Shakespeare? Or the poet Byron? The discoveries of our very own species made by Charles Darwin. Newton, Lennon, Churchill, Henry the 8th and his many beloved-headless wives. So much history, so many accomplishments. It’s hard not to feel humbled by the city that gave us Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde (Even though Wilde and stoker were from Ireland, it was indeed London that made them Famous). Enough of my ramblings. Out with it!
I wanted to let you all know that William Control is traveling back across the Atlantic ocean at the END OF THIS MONTH to play a few shows and to capture some footage for a DVD I will be releasing called “Live in London Town”. Since there isn’t a record label involved giving us cash to fuck around with, we are doing it very low key. I have found some killer people to help me out on this adventure and I am confident that it will turn out fantastic! Besides, what better place to film something of this nature, than in London Town. Also: Obscure Pleasures and Ashes to Angels will be supporting!!!!
There will be only 5 VIP tickets available for these shows. I will be putting those up tomorrow at some point. Be ready.
If you live in London and/or England and would like to help hang up some posters I would be most grateful. We need to get the word out!! They can be printed out 11 X 17. There is a full color and black and white version.
Poster link, to download copy and paste in your browser.

And Lastly! I am playing a couple of shows here in Seattle this month. The first one is August 10th at El Corazon with Peter Murphy and Ours. Then again at El Corazon on the 24th of August. Both are Friday nights. Get tickets here: and Let’s fucking dance.

Tickest for these shows go on sale this Friday!!!

Wednesday August 29th (All Ages) Islington Academy
Friday August 31st (18+) Camden Barfly
Saturday September 1st (All Ages) Islington Metalworks

All My Love

William Control