My love for great melody started at a very early age. As far back as I can remember music has always been there to lift my spirits when I am down or give me a shoulder to cry on when I am weary. The ability to create a tremendous sense of belonging with a simple relatable line in a chorus and take us on a journey to a world we cannot see or touch with its sonic deliverance and passionate purpose is something quite special indeed.

I'm an art lover. I love the beauty in the written words of Oscar Wilde, I adore the pain in a Caravaggio painting, I can see the magnificent glory in a ruby red asphodel, but the majority of my passion lies with song, melody and a sense of magnitude that comes when a certain combination of the two collide with your heart, and for the lack of a better metaphor, soul.

During the last 14 years I have devoted my life to making music and touring the world with a band called Aiden and now my current project William Control.

Over the course of those years I have gained a lot of insight regarding this incredible and sometimes perilous industry…. Producing and engineering is something I have come to enjoy very much. I’ve learned a lot from every record I have been a part of and now have both the skills and tools to make fantastic records.

I own and operate Hell's Half Acre, a recording studio we built from the ground up. It's located south of Seattle in a town called Federal Way and is armed with state of the art equipment, solid state gear and professionally treated to acquire the best sounds possible.

Aiden / Knives, Disguises, Some Kind of Hate, Self Titled

William Control / Hate Culture, Noir, Novus Ordo Seclorum, Live in London Town, Silentium Amoris, Babylon, The Neuromancer, Revelations

AshesToAngles / With Tape And Needles, Horror Cult, How To Bleed

Fearless Vampire Killers / Unbreakable Hearts

To Paint The Sky / Through The Rain, EP

Me VS Myself / Seasons

Girl on fire / Revenge, GOF

Stupe It / Mile End

William Control