The Neuromancer Delayed……. 24.11.13

Beloved Reader,

As most of you know I finished making a new record last month before I left on tour. With regards to production and song writing, “The Neuromancer” is definitely the best William Control album to date. That’s why it pains me to tell you that you’re going to have to wait a little longer before you get to hold it in the palms of your desiring hands.

I thought I could make it work, and very nearly was able to mix, master and send it off to print whilst being on the road, but that has proven quite difficult as most of you know, I am only human.

Part of the problem is I can’t stay in one place long enough to properly listen to the mixes, approve them and have whatever changes made in a timely fashion. It’s quite infuriating and at this rate the record will not come out on time. So I’ve decided to delay the release until I can gather all of the pieces of this little endeavor and get them out at the same time.

I definitely do not want to have to do this but I’d rather you get what you ordered and have it be the best that it can be and I hope you can understand that.

I know some of you are going to hate me. My apologies in advance.

Now for the people who have already pre-ordered the album, you have two options:

1: If you have enough patience to wait for me to get all of this together, I will send you two bonus tracks that will not be included on the album, plus a digital version of the book “Revelator”.

2: If you simply cannot wait for me to get this altogether, I am willing to refund you. Please email a copy of your order form and paypal information to:

This completely sucks. I know. It sucks for me too. I was really looking forward to sharing this album with you as soon as possible but I would rather give you a superior product, than something I rushed out just to make a couple of bucks.

The new release date will be announced in the coming weeks and it will most likely be sometime in March? I am heading out again on tour in April, I can’t say with who yet… But you’re definitely going to like it.

It will be worth the wait… I promise.

All my love

William Control