Basic FAQ on Revelator Online Merch Preorders 31.03.14

Who is mailing everything out?
This is the one thing that cannot be stressed enough; There is no company doing all the processing. My merch girl Jaxis has been handling all online merch orders by herself and her two hands since the original Control Project back in 2011. She occasionally gets help packaging, but for the most part it is heralone processing, packing, and getting every order into the mail.

I’ve been waiting forever, how long until my package gets here?
It all depends on where you live. If you’re in the US it’ll be around 3-7 business days once it’s mailed out, if you’re anywhere international it could be 7-14 days. It all depends on customs by that point. Once the parcels are in possession of the USPS, neither I nor Jaxis, have control of the situation or how long the package will take to reach you. Patience is key.

What about those of us who ordered the first round you did preorders?
There is no order to the packages; they are all roughly going out at the same time no matter when you bought it. The books and CDs are going out first because they’re the simplest, easiest, and the bulk of what the orders are. Once those are finished, everything else will gradually be worked on.

Why am I getting a download link for the CD? I didn’t order that package…
Don’t question it! Enjoy it! Every person who ordered the CD will get a download link regardless if you ordered the $10 package or not! I still want you to be able to listen to the new music on the release date even if you don’t receive the physical CD on time. Files will be sent to the provided email you used through your Paypal order. If this email is incorrect please send a message to the address listed at the bottom of this FAQ and your information will be updated/file will be resent to the correct address.

Hey, I ordered a poster along with my package! Why isn’t that with everything else?
Some will end up receiving their poster about a week or so after the rest of your merch because of a short backorder. Just keep an eye out for them.

My merch is damaged, can I get a replacement?
All merch is packaged and dropped off in the mail as pristine as possible. If anything happens it is the fault of the USPS, not the packager. If the jewel case of your CD is cracked, there’s nothing we can do about it, you can buy a replacement case at your local office supply store. If the CD itself is snapped in half on the inside, let us know. Damaged pieces are dealt with on a case by case situation. If you feel like your merch warrants an exchange or refund, send a photo of the damage to the email listed below and we’ll get you situated.

I have a question about something that isn’t listed here, what’s the easiest way to contact you?
All questions and concerns about anything merch related should be directed to Jaxis by sending an email

Leaving me Tweets or Facebook comments/messages won’t get you very far, as I will be on tour with Combichrist and will be too busy to answer anything, unless Jaxis happens to see your comment on my pages, which is still unlikely. Your best bet is to email her directly at that address.

William Control