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11 Nov. 2014

What a fantastic run.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you all so much for coming out to these shows on the We Love Tour with Combichrist and Davey suicide and to the Halloweekend shows with Black Veil Brides. What a tour it has been. I’ve got a few days off now and I’ll be sending out the pre order copies […]

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Revelator Pre orders happening again!!
10 Oct. 2014

Revelator Pre orders happening again!!

Hey everyone, I know that a lot of you missed out on the pre order for Revelator Book 2 “The Hate Culture”. So…. this Monday October 20th, I will be releasing 300 MORE copies to order. The books are being printed now and will be shipped before I head out to Europe in the beginning […]

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06 Jun. 2014

William Control “Babylon”

Beloved Reader, I wanted to announce that I am nearing absolute completion of the DVD we filmed down in Hollywood California back in April. What a night that was. Wrought with the sound of a cracking whip, an even louder audience, guest appearances, and great friends. Truly it was one of the most spectacular nights […]

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05 May. 2014

We Love, What a ride.

There is a savage glare of summer sun beating down around us as we grind our way down interstate 95 towards West Palm Beach today. It’s May the 9th, the year is 2014. I have been out on the We Love tour now with Combichrist and New Years Day for nearly six weeks and it’s […]

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04 Apr. 2014

Bar Sinister DVD Shoot.

My beloved Los Angeles, I have been keeping this a secret because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull it off in time, but I wanted to announce that we are shooting the show on April 26th at Bar Sinister for a DVD!!!! If you don’t have tickets, you better […]

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03 Mar. 2014

Basic FAQ on Revelator Online Merch Preorders

Who is mailing everything out? This is the one thing that cannot be stressed enough; There is no company doing all the processing. My merch girl Jaxis has been handling all online merch orders by herself and her two hands since the original Control Project back in 2011. She occasionally gets help packaging, but for […]

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