Punishment.  12.06.15

There are patches of bright blue light burning through the black voluminous clouds above, reminding me that through the violence and ruthlessness this world has to offer there is still an abundant amount of beauty to appreciate and experience. The plush green evergreen landscape sweeping around me in all directions as I drive up the corridor of interstate 5 from San Francisco to Seattle, The majesty of Mount Shasta in the distance from the passenger side window, the glow of yellow street lamps coming into focus as the sun disappears over the western horizon, the sound of wind rushing from an open window and the clicking of my keyboard as I write this. 
Here I am nearing the end of another amazing tour with my friends and associates. Grateful that the van only (Almost) broke down once and glad to be out of the southern states which are no doubt even hotter and more unbearable than they were when we were traveling through them just a few days ago. 
I have to say, this tour has been absolutely the best William Control tour I have done to date. It was comfortable, the shows were a lot of fun, the bands we brought out were great and I can’t remember a tour where I’ve been more relaxed. Thanks to Requiem and Justin symbol for coming out and rocking the stage every night, thanks to all of you who came to the shows and danced and sang and sweated and threw your panties on stage. Thanks for making all of the hard work I’ve put into this pay off. 
I said this on stage every night but you probably wont see us for a while. Except if you live in Toronto Canada. We are playing aftermath festival in August. That will be our last show for quite some time. It’s been an amazing journey over the past few years working for myself without any sort of Manager or Label. I’ve been able to do things on my own terms and at my own pace with your help. So thank YOU. I’m able to continue to make art and music and write and print because you support and adore it, and I am forever grateful.
This is a brand and a lifestyle. Whether the music makes you want to fall in love, cry your eyes out, throw yourself off a building, put your head through a wall or get whipped harder than you’ve ever been whipped before, I make this art for you and those moments of clarity and inspiration. Thank you for using it as such. 
I will also be putting the remaining stock of tour merchandise on If you weren’t able to make it to a show no problem you’ll have the chance to pick up some new hot pants or a T-shirt here in a couple days. 
Thanks again for all the screaming, shouting, spanking, latex, high heels, garters, stockings, sweat, love, applause, tears, admiration and hatred. You make every moment i experience worth fighting for, which is one of those glorious reminders I mentioned in the beginning of this letter. 
All my love
William Control
Ps….. If you’re an Aiden fan….. Get ready. I’m stepping into the studio in a few days to write and record the most aggressive album to date. Look for it this Halloween.  


William Control