“Skeleton Strings” Album available now 14.03.13


If you have been following my Instagram and twitter, you’ve probably noticed the photos I have been posting about the progress of my new studio here at Hells Half Acre. We have been moving at a much faster pace than I had anticipated!

In order to finish this and get some new music recorded I have decided to release a 9 song acoustic album called “Skeleton Strings”, that you will receive with a donation of your choosing. It could be as little as $1.00.

Go to the shop link on my website, click on the record and then choose a donation amount from the drop down menu:

Once you make a donation, you should receive an email immediately with a confirmation that will contain a link for you to download the record.

Thank you for supporting and I hope you enjoy the album!

1. Free At Last
2. Every Day Is Like Sunday
3. Danny Boy
4. Heaven
5. I’m Not Afraid To Let Go
6. Noir
7. Funeral Of Hearts
8. Every You Every Me
9. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved me


William Control