The Neuromantic Movement 17.12.16

A connection is created, a bond produced, an unbreakable fortress built around the center of your true nature. You’re dancing in low light at a club with the bass line from your favorite song pounding through your skin and bones, the lyrics penetrating your pores and seeping into your bloodstream. This madness, this ultra violent test of letting go, this is where you belong. It’s where you’ve always belonged, right here, in this moment you are free. There are no bills to pay, no boyfriend to let down, no authority figure breathing down your neck. The only rent you’re going to pay in this moment is with your hips and your dancing shoes, your voice and your passion. The obligation is to enjoy yourself and let go of the worries you carry around on a daily basis. Whether you’re with a couple of friends in a basement apartment listening to a shitty boombox in the 1980’s, or dancing on the concrete floor of Cloak and Dagger or Club Antichrist sometime last week… This is what makes you a Neuromantic boy or a Neuromantic girl. This movement is yours. It belongs to you. Whether it’s Revelations playing in the background or some other artist you really enjoy, this is your life. Live it however you want to. 

From Hate Culture all the way up to the Pale, this has been an exhilarating journey, exciting and even moving at times. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have met each and every one of you. Thank you for coming into my life. For listening to my art, for showing up and dancing with each other, for looking out for one another, for growing up together and proving that we don’t need a radio campaign or a major label deal to create a movement all our own and thrive.

We have some crazy things happening in 2017. The Neuromantic movement has begun and now it’s our job to spread it to new and exciting places. We are doing the Homecoming tour with Andy Black in February along with some headline dates throughout that month. Then in April we are headed overseas with Aesthetic Perfection for the Industrial Pop tour. That’s going to hit most of mainland Europe. After that we have some other stuff we cannot announce yet, but the main thing is that we are coming to a city near you. Soon!

We have also started a STREET TEAM called “The Neuromantics”. If you are interested in helping us spread the word to as many people as possible please email and join the revolution.

Blur of the ancient countryside rushes past me through the window on this train I sit headed southwest to the mighty Manchester England. I’m watching the sun set on the horizon and filter softly into a low-grade digital haze and my heart is ablaze with excitement for the future. Through hi-fi stereo sound systems we illuminate a path for future Neuromantic artists to run wild and create their own sound and opportunity. O beautiful are the times in which we live, furious and unpredictable, glorious and indescribable, like being lost at sea on an indestructible cruise ship with your favorite records, good company and enough food and drink to last a lifetime. Let us play out this adventure with open hearts and dancing boots, for the future we are pushing towards is breathtaking indeed.

All my love


William Control