We Love, What a ride. 09.05.14

There is a savage glare of summer sun beating down around us as we grind our way down interstate 95 towards West Palm Beach today. It’s May the 9th, the year is 2014. I have been out on the We Love tour now with Combichrist and New Years Day for nearly six weeks and it’s quickly coming to a close. What a magnificent journey this has been. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite tours of all times. To be honest I was apprehensive about taking this tour. The risk factor for supporting a band with such longevity and tenacity as CC is high. Generally their older and more dedicated fans simply stick their middle finger up throughout your set, which in my younger days, would make my blood boil, but in this, the greatest era of my existence yet, I don’t give a shit. I am however surprised that I haven’t had to deal with it. Well actually there was some guy, in some state, with some shitty attitude, but I can’t remember where and I don’t want to waste any energy trying.

We’ve been treated magnificently, with courtesy, with honor and I can’t thank Combichrist AND their crew enough. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating such a beautiful and relaxed environment to stand onstage and perform for these audiences every night. Truly. I will be forever grateful.

As this tour comes to a close I wanted to make sure that you are all up to date on what is happening with all things Control.

First…. I made a filthy video for the next single “Price We Pay”. I am going to release it next week!!!

Second…. The footage from the Bar Sinister show that we shot a couple weeks ago is fucking insane. I’m going to try and get this together to release it in August just before the Punishment tour heads over seas to Europe. There will only be 500 copies made, more info on this very soon.

Third… If you haven’t ordered it yet, The Neuromancer is available digitally or on my website GO FIND IT AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS HOW MUCH YOU LOVE TO FUCK TO IT.

Fourth…. VIP tickets for the Punishment tour are nearly gone in almost every city. Newcastle is sold out…. You better act fast.

And lastly…. To all of my friends, it was great seeing you out at these shows. To all of the new friends I’ve met…. The pleasure has been all mine. I hope to see you again in the fall when we come back on…. The Punishment tour US EDITION!!!!!

The immeasurable highways that we travel every night are long, arduous, bleak and boring. The infinite concrete interstates that connect our country are ugly. I endure the monotony of getting in the van and driving thousands of miles each year for that one hour of strapping on my leather Fred Astaire dancing shoes and performing because I adore it, and I adore you. Although the luster and appeal of traveling to new places and ending up in a new city every night rubbed off quite some time ago, I continue because of the pleasure I feel when your voices are singing my songs in unison. I continue because I was born for this. I continue because I fucking love it still. It’s a feeling so profound that I simply wouldn’t give it up if I had to. Thank you for the pleasure. Thank you for the experiences. Thank you New Years Day and Combichrist and every single person who came out to these shows.

All my love
William Control

William Control