Aiden 30.06.15

Standing on the grimy corner of enthusiasm and optimism waiting for my taxi to pull up and it’s raining but somehow I know I’m in the right place at the right time. A dear friend once told me. This life is filled with fantastic peaks of grandeur and then when you’re having the time of […]

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Punishment.  12.06.15

There are patches of bright blue light burning through the black voluminous clouds above, reminding me that through the violence and ruthlessness this world has to offer there is still an abundant amount of beauty to appreciate and experience. The plush green evergreen landscape sweeping around me in all directions as I drive up the […]

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England. You are beautiful.  28.04.15

Ladies and gentlemen, Privileged and honored could be used to describe the way I feel. Yet those two simple and powerful words are not descriptive enough. Magnificent, humbling, beautiful. Still it doesn’t come close.  Last night I played the Whitby goth festival. The fifth  stop on the Punishment Tour…. What a show it was. The […]

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William Control